Dedicated to the Rescue and Rehabilitation of Abandoned Cats and Kittens

     Many people, when they think of feral cats, if they think of them at all, envision these animals living peacefully in the woods, happily hunting small birds and lizards, raising their young to grow up healthy, strong, and free.The bleakness of these cats' lives, however, is far removed from this pleasant scene. Instead, feral and stray cats scavenge for discarded food in garbage bins; seek shelter in storm drains or crawlspaces under abandoned buildings; and face starvation, disease, and predators on a daily basis. Hit by cars, poisoned by people who hate them, frequently riddled with parasites and covered in fleas, they fight for survival, reproducing at alarming rates with tragic results: 50 per cent of feral kittens die within their first year without human intervention. And this is where we come in. At Purrfect Love Cat Rescue, we've dedicated our time and money to rescue and rehabilitate these desperate cats. Please scroll through the pages of our web site, meet some of our ferals, view our adoptable cats and kittens, and donate to our fight to alleviate the suffering and overpopulation of these forgotten felines.

Purrfect Love Cat Rescue

  • Daily adoptions available at
    Petsupermarket in Vestavia Hills

At Purrfect Love Cat Rescue, our mission is to end the suffering and overpopulation of feral, abandoned, and abused cats through rescue and rehabilitation and through a Trap-Neuter-Return program with superior colony care, community education, and responsible adoption.

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