• Trap-Neuter-Return works.

  • Trap-Neuter-Return stabilizes cat colonies.


  • Spaying and neutering ends reproduction; no new kittens are born into the colony.

  • Cats are vaccinated for rabies.

  • Neutered males fight less frequently and thus are less likely to pass on various diseases.

  • Spayed females no longer suffer the stress of frequent pregnancies.

  • TNR reduces the number of cats and kittens euthanized at local shelters.

  • TNR is the most humane method of controlling the feral cat population.

Adoptable Cats

While some cats are truly feral, stray cats, who have wandered away or have been abandoned by their owners, are friendly and welcome interaction with our volunteers. Purrfect Love places these TNR’ed cats, (who have been checked for microchips) and any kittens, in foster homes to reinforce their socialization, then puts them up for adoption through Petfinder - Pet Supermarket in Vestavia- Petco in Hoover

Stray Cat:a cat that at one time was socialized to humans but has been abandoned by its owners or has "strayed" from home.

Feral Cat:a domestic cat that has been born in the wild or the descendants of such an animal, which have had little or no contact with humans.

 Why TNR?


Although there is much debate about the most effective way to solve the problem of an estimated 60 million feral cats in the United States, such organizations as the ASPCA, Humane Society US, Alley Cat Allies, along with Purrfect Love, recommend TNR programs as the most humane method of feral cat control. With this method, feral cats are trapped (T), neutered/spayed (N), vaccinated against rabies and various cat viruses, and then returned (R) to their original colony.

Colony Care: Shelter

Beginning in the fall, feral cats' fur begins to thicken to prepare them for the coming winter months; however, rain, sleet, snow, and ice threaten the ability of their fur to protect them from the elements. To help them weather the cold, Purrfect Love provides insulated shelters to keep them warm and dry; we also increase the amount of food we provide to strengthen their immune system and watch them closely for any signs of upper respiratory infections.

Colony Care

After the cats are returned to their colony, Purrfect Love board members and volunteers provide wet and dry food and clean water every day. We also monitor the colony and provide medical care as needed. Because the cats are left-eared tipped during their spay/neuter surgery, we can easily recognize the non ear-tipped new colony members, TNR those cats and place any socialized cats up for adoption.

Please consider either a one time or a recurring monthly donation to help us in our mission to end the suffering and overpopulation of abandoned and abused feral and stray cats.

Purrfect Love's TNR and Adoption Program

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